Prof Sydney Wessinger

Sydney Wessinger (she/her) is a Louisiana native, a proud graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana, and a lover of history. As a professor, storyteller, and experienced museum professional, she is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the African American narrative through a historical lens. Holding master’s degrees from both Southern University at New Orleans, and Jackson State University, she is adept in various areas of Humanities, including African American political philosophies, Transatlantic History, and syncretic cultures of the African Diaspora. In her experience at intuitions such as the Whitney Plantation Museum, the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, Historic Clayborn Temple, and the New Orleans Historic Collection, Sydney has been dedicated to service, prioritizing the conservation of material culture as a necessary means of community revitalization and enrichment. Incorporating passion and professionalism, she exhibits a strong work ethic and a desire to connect with students.

Sydney currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with her fiancé Jayson and her two dogs Kingsley and Delphine Antionette Marie.

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