Prof Sarbast Khoshnaw

Sarbast Khoshnaw currently serves as a Mathematics teacher at Bard Early College New Orleans (BECNO). His academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Tishik University in Erbil, Iraq, complemented by a Master of Arts in Teaching from Bard College.  His teaching career has been a journey of diverse experiences, beginning in Iraq, extending to Kyrgyzstan where he taught Physics to high school students for five years, and now continuing in the United States. This international exposure has greatly enriched his approach to education, allowing him to effectively cater to a variety of student needs and learning styles.  At BECNO, his teaching responsibilities span across several subjects, including Pre-Calculus, Physics with laboratory sessions, and an Introductory course in Astronomy, also with a laboratory component. He is also actively involved in various school activities, including team meetings and student events.  Outside the classroom, his interests include music, cooking, and travel not only offer him personal fulfillment but also enhance his teaching, bringing diverse perspectives and experiences into his professional practice. His journey across different countries underscores my passion for education and my commitment to engaging with students from various cultural backgrounds.

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