Prof Kaleena Stoddard

Kaleena Stoddard (she/her) is a PhD candidate at Tulane University studying and teaching Philosophy with an emphasis on perception and Epistemology.  She received a master’s degree at the University of Liverpool – England in Philosophy in 2013, and a bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 2008, both centring on such philosophical topics as personal identity, morality and ethics, and action.  Between degrees, Kaleena has worked with small businesses in San Francisco, California, developing ethical and sustainable consumerism through specialty coffee production that emphasizes equity and autonomy for coffee producers.  She takes great delight in finding the intersection of philosophical practice and real life by engaging in public philosophy, most recently as a teacher for Operation Restoration’s College in Prison program in New Orleans.  Kaleena likes to spend her free time riding bikes or lounging around with her giant cat named Feets.

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