Prof Huiying Ciu

Huiying Cui (she/her) received her B.A. degree in Hispanic Philology from Sun Yet-sen University, China. During the one-year exchange program in Mexico, she developed her passion for Latin America. After graduation, she moved to New Orleans, LA for further study. She completed her M.A. degree in Latin American Studies at Tulane University. Her research interest lies in rural out-migration in Central America with a focus on food and gender. She was awarded the Guillermo Náñez-Falcón Prize in 2020 for the best campus-wide Latin Americanist graduate student paper that substantially incorporates the primary sources and rare materials holdings of the Latin American Library at Tulane.

She is always passionate about culture sharing and communicating with people. For her coursework in Mexico, she discussed China’s political culture, foot binding in ancient China, and the unbalanced marriage market with a focus on the “leftover ladies” in China. She completed her Portuguese learning courses and was qualified for the highest level of Portuguese according to the AAPPL test. She values the exchange of ideas. She will be serving on the faculty for Humanities and Language Studies at Bard Early College New Orleans, teaching Spanish and Chinese.

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