Alyssa Walker

I am a PhD candidate in the department of philosophy at Tulane University. I use she/her pronouns.  In my dissertation, I argue that theoretical frameworks that divide the practical and creative powers of the imagination are ill-equipped to deal with the phenomenon, and we ought to move to a unified approach. I outline a dialectical approach that attempts to solve issues of division while looking toward unification of the imagination, both in our lives and in our sciences. I am devoted to informing and building imaginative approaches in daily life, and so I am also an advocate for engagement in public organizations. I am the current president of the Graduate Studies Student Association at Tulane, which I also have served in other capacities for several years.

In my free time, I like to take walks, hang out with my cats (I have three! Pluto, Mephisto, and Lillith), dig around in my garden, explore the city with my partner and friends, and learn new hobbies! Right now, I’m learning how to paint.

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