School Closure Information/Remote Learning Resources

A message from Executive Director, Dr. Ana María Caldwell

These past couple of days have been difficult for all of us in our community. We learned about the school closures throughout the state and many other places in the country and we quickly had to resort to an online plan to ensure our students have access remotely.

I am incredibly proud of the way our community has handled these challenges. We were able to send students home with a packet of information (which was also shared with you digitally), we started conversations about a remote plan with faculty and staff a week ago, and we had multiple conversations with students in all of their classes in preparation for COVID-19.

Over the past 24 hours it became evident that community spread of COVID-19 is rampant in New Orleans, and the city has experienced the first two deaths. We all must take immediate step to prevent the virus from spreading to others due to our personal
behavior. The importance of social distancing at this time cannot be overstated. This is applicable to all members of the Bard Early College in New Orleans community. The failure to practice social distancing spreads the virus and then the infected person unknowingly may pass it on to someone who is more vulnerable.

Students you should expect an email from Dr. Jessie with details about the next coming weeks. If you didn’t receive an e-mail, please reach out to me. Also remember to consult our Remote Coursework FAQ and COVID-19 Community Handbook documents.

I leave you with our values which feel especially relevant right now:

We are committed to excellence and we will continue to abide by that standard as we develop and refine our remote education plan. We know what our students are capable of and we will ensure that they are getting engaging material as they continue their early college education. We ask our students to be committed and engaged and we ask families to support them in making this happen.

We recognize this is new to all of us. We know that in order to achieve our goals in the face of a new challenge we need to rely on each other, we need to accept that we don’t always have all the answers, and we need to be ready to be comfortable with changing, with tweaking, with rearranging. We ask our students and families to join us in this process, to reach out if you need anything, and to give yourselves grace as there is going to be a period of adjustment.

It is our priority to maintain a sense of community, to stay connected and to support each other. We ask our students and families to be kind to one another, to reach out to a neighbor, or to do whatever that may mean for you.

Upcoming Week

Here is a link to the resources Amma shared with our school community.
Upcoming Dates:
Midterm grades are due by end of day on Tuesday, March 17
Annual Review Documents are due next Monday, March 23
Spring Break will be Thursday, April 9th and Friday, April 10th