“Yerboi” Jalal Gibson

“Yerboi” Jalal Gibson is a Year 2 student at BECNO. He’s had somewhat of a history with tutoring prior to becoming a Writing Fellow and has learned more about his role to the student body thanks to Professor JC’s Peer Tutoring course in the Spring of 2020. Eager to help, you’ll find him in groups such as the Student Leadership Council and the Action Committee, as well as volunteering assistance to students, staff, and faculty alike. Jalal is a generally colorful person and is considered to be emotionally intelligent, so you can expect a pleasant and helpful tutoring session and meaningful correspondence with him, whatever that may mean for you specifically. He’s here to help you in academia and ease the stress connected with it so that you can grow as a student and otherwise! (He’s especially good with Mathematics and Essay Composition, but please inquire about other areas! 🙂 )