Renajah Mayes

Renajah Mayes, a.k.a, Ren is a second year student of BARD Early College located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ever since she became a member/colleague of BECNO, she’s been discovering different sides of her that she’s been falling in love with. One of the things she discovered is acting. Surprisingly, she met the writer inside of her which is pretty cool to her. Another surprising thing is she became a member of the Student Leader Council and Peer tutoring & Writing Studio. Let’s just say it’s cool to have people, including my professors and my peers, who have belief in you. She’s looking forward to bettering herself and being an inspiration to her younger peers. She’s looking forward to discovering more about herself while being a supporter to her younger colleagues. She’s planning on expanding her perspectives. She wants to learn things from her peers, and she believes  that the Peer Tutoring & Writing Studio can help her with that. About right now, she’s a little nervous and afraid, but she’s ready to start her last year at BECNO & Douglass!

P.S. if you want to meet my little noodles a.k.a my snakes, you can reach me at those two emails above :)!