Ana María López Caldwell

Ana María López Caldwell received her B.A. in Business Administration from Stevenson University. While in college, she founded a non-profit organization called Feed-the-Mind focused on contributing to the education of displaced children in Medellín, Colombia. Ana María worked as an Executive Team Leader for Guest Experience at Target Corporation. She has also worked as an Admissions Counselor for her alma matter and specialized in recruiting youth from Baltimore City Public Schools. Throughout her career Ana María has demonstrated a desire to work with and support underrepresented students. Additionally, she has been part of various mentorship programs for high school and college students.

Ana María has a PhD in Latin American Studies at Tulane University and her dissertation focuses on the Socioeconomic Stratification System in Colombia. She has been awarded two FLAS fellowships for the study of Brazilian Portuguese; these included a two-year language program and culminated in a summer immersive program in Salvador, Bahia. She has been awarded multiple grants to conduct ethnographic research from the University of New Orleans and Tulane University since 2015. Additionally, Ana María participated in the 2015 Witness for Peace delegation that engaged in political incidence in La Guajíra, Colombia, to advocate for Wayúu and Afro-Colombian victims of capitalists and extractivist practices of the Cerrejòn coal mine. She has served on the JCFA school board and is also a Mellon Graduate Fellow.